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Do you have an Investment & Retirement PLAN?  Have you put off taking charge of planning your financial future?  Are you making the best choices; do you need professional money management?

Are you fed up with your cd and bank savings rates?

Will you have enough for retirement?  When can you retire? How will you have a retirement income you do not out-live? 

When should YOU take Social Security?

Do you want to save for your kids or grandchildren?  Or for their education?

If something happened to you tonight, what would happen to your family and loved ones?

What would happen financially if you became disabled and could no longer work?

Will your parents, now or soon, be in need of your support?  And how will you do that?

How will you plan for the likely need of short or long term care in your older years?

Do you wish to help support your children now or in the future?  What will be your legacy to them and your grandchildren?

Does your business need a retirement plan?

Do the markets make you feel uncertain?

Do you have an old 401k that may need attention?

Are you considering a transfer or roll over?

Products/Services Offered include:

Mutual Funds ... Stock and Bond Trading Services ... Term and Cash Value Life Insurance ... Annuities ... REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts) ... Professional Money Management ... Alternative Investments ... and more

When developing a customized financial program, I will walk you through a step-by-step process that is designed to help you feel confident in your decisions.