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Colon Cancer - Let's prevent it!

Health is everything.  Are you financially prepared?  What if you are "half-dead?"  This is tough, but how will the bills get paid if you are disabled?  If only temporarily.  I found this out. 

After what I went through, this is slogan I came up with to encourage folks to get colonoscopy screenings. 
"Drop Your Pride.  Drop Your Drawers!

Some photos from an Eaton County Relay for Life. Jason Gooley's passing was the impetus that pushed me to getting screened. And saved my life!

I had Stage 3 Colon Cancer. No signs. No warning. Nothing. Not even any polyps when I finally had the scope done.  They found a tumor hiding in the lining of my large intestine. Surgery with a resection and 6 nodes out of 21 were cancerous. Scared? OMG. But nothing showed on any other surrounding organs.

What if I had waited longer? What if I just kept blowing it off UNTIL I had symptoms?  Are you putting off something uncomfortable that may very well save your life?!  

Call and set the appointment. This is one of the most preventable and treatable cancers when caught early.

  • Drop your Pride, Drop you Drawers.  Get it done.  It's a cakewalk.  In some cases, the testing has become even easier.  Knowledge is EMPOWERMENT.  Hey! If you won't do it for yourself? Please do it because others love you, need you and depend on you.
  • Talk with me.  I beat it and so can you.  Our Health is everything.

GOOD NEWS.  A recent CAT scan and a colonoscopy follow-up showed no signs of cancer! I caught it before it had really spread.  Great health care.  Doctor Tim McKenna and a team got me through it.

What saved me, Financially?  The foresight to have Good Insurance.  Without it, many Americans go bankrupt.