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Grand Ledge (Lansing)

1093 Charlevoix Drive

Grand Ledge, MI 48837
Rich Michaels

Rich Michaels

Financial advisor

It is an honor to have clients (friends) across Michigan, Arizona, Florida and Virginia. When I was in the media business for 25 years, I was blessed with consistent top ratings on morning radio as "Michaels in the Morning." I also ran 2 businesses, Creations Recording Studio and Rich Michaels Productions which cemented my relationships working for advertising clients which gave me a firm business acumen. In 1989, I began one of my many loves and that was the study of the markets and how they function. That love transitioned into a passion and growing practice in 2013 with Voya Financial Advisors, Inc.

I relish honesty and directness in both my personal and business life. My duty is to do what is best for you based on your given situation. I don't mince words. Sometimes, I am put in the position of gently telling folks financial realities they don't want to face, however, I believe every American has the brains and talents to alter their paths and work towards building wealth.  I attempt to provide, if needed, a little discipline and my goal is to guide you to make informed decisions with your monies. I will use my extensive life experience, business ownership background and my professional knowledge in financial planning to help you pursue your goals.  I will work hard to earn your Trust.