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Something Keeping You Up at Night? Should we talk about your Financial Goals?

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We create financial strategies tailored to your goals.

Did you know...

Did you know...

You likely grew up with me on the Radio! Heard from Lansing, Grand Rapids, Buffalo, Cleveland, Miami, and beyond. I have been blessed to have decades-long lasting friends and relationships.

The move to Investing: In 1989, I started a life-long journey learning everything I could absorb about Investing. Going to the library to study Value Line ... reading The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, watched or listened to Bob Brinker, Louis Rukeyser, Ric Edelman, Kiplingers, Money ... everything I could get my head around.

Have you had a disappointing experience in the past trying to work with someone? I did. In the '80s, I fired my stockbroker who would not return my calls. THAT will never happen if you work with my team. That early experience taught me the responsibility of caring for people's needs. AND how to respectfully make sure people receive top service and immediate response and attention.

Now let's PLAN for your future!

Now let's PLAN for your future!

After radio (2012), I made it official.  I obtained my multiple securities and insurance credentials and licenses.  Most importantly - when working with Advisory accounts I am a fiduciary. As a suggestion do not take investment advice from someone who is not.

Some Important Things We discuss:

What has your attention at this moment?
What are your goals, dreams and needs?
How we Create Retirement Income. 
Will you have enough for each goal?
Do you worry about your investments?
Would it help to review your financial plan?
How to maximize your Social Security.
Health Care costs now and when you are older.
How to avoid Being a Burden to Your Children.
Your Legacy - How do you want to be remembered?

With a PLAN, you can relax!

With a PLAN, you can relax!

Financial Planning should not feel like a visit to the dentist.

Tell me, are you saving enough?

Do you have a number?  I.E., "I want to have $$$$$ by (age)."

When would you like to retire?
Or maybe you want to simply work part-time on your own terms.

You and I are going to plan for:

- Your Needs (basics for living)
- Your Wants (including goals and dates)
- Your Dreams (Do you want to travel?)

We will create a well-defined roadmap for achieving those goals.  Once you have your roadmap, we have the ability to directly access your master plan to tweak and update it, create scenarios, adjust saving and spending to changes in your plans.  Your Financial Plan can easily be updated.


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